Jamie Baker's Love Slave(Keyboard chords)


Key: F

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          F 	  	  	 Bb 	  	 F  Bb 
Well her love was a habit and I tried to kick it (A) 
     F 	  	  	  	 Bb 	      F 
So I went downtown and bought a one way ticket (B) 
 	 F 	  	    Bb 	  	  F Bb 
Then I road that greyhound down to makeup (A) 
 	 F 	  	  	  Bb 	  	    F 
Then I hitchhiked back 'cause my heart was breakin' (B) 

F Bb F Dm F Bb Bb Bb Oh now I see, it's destiny. I can't be free, I'm her love slave
(solo-2nd) F Bb F Bb F Bb Jamie Baker's love slave F Bb F Bb When I'm close to her my heart starts a thumpin' (A) F Bb F When she says froggie I can't help but jumpin' (B) F Bb F Bb She's got a hold on me and there's no escapin' (A) F Bb F Yeah it's a ball and chain of my own makin' (B) chorus-main riff repeat first part only twice(no other ending on it) C F C F Yeah I used to go boating, used to go fishin', used to go drinkin' too C F But since I been exposed to her kinda kissin' Bb C F Bb F Dm F Bb There's nothin' else I wanna do. |----------------------- |----------------------- |-5-5/10---------5-5/10- slide chords- 'yeah hoo!' |-3-3/-8-10-10/7-3-3/-8- |---------8--8/5-------- |----------------------- Bb F Well I'm her slave,(start main solo...) Jamie Baker's love slave (...use 3rd ending)

Written by Dennis Linde

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