Sean Watkins

Carousel(Keyboard chords)

Sean Watkins

Key: E

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	        (Verse 1) 
E         E7 
One more time around 
 Am                G 
I can't stop this carousel 
 E          E7 
I've tried so long 
 Am     G 
to no avail 

C#m A I've tried each horse on here C#m Ab still no new scenery C#m A I'm dizzy My stomach's sick C#m I'm tired
(I don't know the chords here, I'm working on it) (bridge) This I know, Horses gold, won't take me home. (Verse 2) Each horse here is painted so pretty Lifeless beauties that orbit neatly (chorus) I see you Go flying by I've worn my heels down On this bame of tug-o-war That I'm losing (bridge) Stepping down kiss the ground that will take me home.

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