Sawyer Brown

Trouble On The Line(Keyboard chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: E

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	        Intro: A (fast) 
Verse 1: 
E                A 
Operator we must have a bad connection 
D             A               E 
If you?ve got someone wantin? me 
D                   E 
I changed my number when she changed her mind 
D                  E 
Operator can?t you see? 
(NC) A There?s trouble on the line D Tears are gonna fall E It happens every time A She?s up against the wall A Somebody broke her heart D Now she?s after mine E The minute that she calls
A(intro) There?ll be trouble on the line Verse 2: Operator now that we?ve been disconnected How does she keep getting through I won?t have a choice If I hear her voice Operator can?t you see? CHORUS TWICE

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