Sawyer Brown

Travelin' Shoes(Keyboard chords)

Sawyer Brown

Key: B

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	        Intro: (moderately) E, F#m, A, E 
Verse 1: 
     B                            E 
Mama always reminds me that we?re only passing through 
    B                                   E 
The treasures of this world are not for us to hold onto 
    A                              E 
She says the way we?re headed will take us where we?re bound 
F#m           A               B  
And we cannot lay our journey down 

E B Because all God?s children need traveling shoes F#m A B To walk the road that?s narrow but it?s true E B We can?t stop here we?re just passing through F#m A That?s why all God?s children need B E Traveling shoes
Verse 2: Bags are packed and waiting and I?m headed for the door The train is at the station, got my ticket and I?ll board The brake-man swings his lantern lit with never-ending love And mama I can?t thank you near enough Chorus Bridge: F#m, A, E, B, E Chorus

Written by Gregg Hubbard/Mark Miller

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