Sanctus Real

Shining(Keyboard chords)

Sanctus Real

Key: Em
Intro: Em D C 

Verse 1:
Em                                   D 
The dawn of peace Christmas Eve, the final night the world would sleep, 
Fearful of the dark, but there was a shining star leading 
Em                                D 
Wise men to a humble place, where they would find the Gift of Grace, 
Laying before their eyes, hope had come to life. 

G D The Light of the world was shining; the Light of the world was shining, C Em D He came just like He promised; His love would not be silent.
Verse 2: (Same as verse 1) Hearts would quake on Christmas Day, as they looked upon the Savior's face, God became a man; they could reach and touch His hands. The hands that made the blind to see, that carried the weight of suffering, That washed away our sins, so we could be born again. Bridge: G D C Em The world knows Christ is born, oh; the King of love has come, D G D And our hearts will be His throne, it is known, Christ is born. C Em D Light of the world, leading us home, Shepherd of Hearts, come for His own,

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