Ross Lynch

I Think About You(Keyboard chords)

Ross Lynch

Key: E

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Intro: E 


We started as friends  
E                            A 
I cant tell you how it all happend 
E                              A 
Then autumn it came, we were never the same 
E                                   A 
Those nights everything felt like magic 
And I wonder if ou miss me too 
If you dont heres the one thing tht i wish you knew 

E A I think about you, every mornng when i open my eyes E A I think about you, every evening when I turn out the lights E A I think about you, every moment everyday of my life E A your on my mind all the time its true
Verse 2: E How long till we stop pretending A wat we got is never ending (ohh) Ohh Ohhh E If all we are is just a moment A Dont forget me cuz i wont and E I cant help myself A I think about you( OOOHHH) E A

Written by Dan Book/Alexei Misoul

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