Rick Danko

Sweet Romance(Keyboard chords)

Rick Danko

Key: D

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	        D            Bm      A           G     
Alone in the shadows of a willow tree               
D                              A                
I watched from the dark as you crossed through the park                      
G                A 
Coming closer to me                                  
D                     Bm   A                   G 
Those brief moments return of the day we first met   
D                  A 
The time we shared with that special care            
G		   A 
Free from all jealousy                               
Bm              A       D 
There must be a distant place                        
Bm       A           D 
Far from every wrong face                            
Bm    A	            D 
Tears won't fall by chance                           
C               D   
On this sweet romance ... 
Where the light of the moon, and the lay of the land 
Brightened the way of so many nights                 
Helping us understand                                
The line that we crossed, to climb those hills 
Gave us the strength to never fear                   
The hurting talk folks want to hear                  
When they hear, of our last goodbye                  
They'll have to seek another dream to surprise       
With desperate lies                                  
As we parade, far from these streets                 
We'll be side by side, livin life in pride           
With love's lullabye                                 
by: Josť Duarte 
[email protected] 


Written by Rick Danko/Emmett Grogan

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