A spirit in her face(Keyboard chords)


Key: Em

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	        INTRO: Em - C - G -  D ? 3X {1- baixo/2-baixo, guitarra e teclado/3-baixo, guitarra, teclado e guitarra solo} 
Em       C              G  D 
I saw a spirit in her face 
Em                C                     G   D 
It was like the darkness in your eyes 
Em                   C                              G   D 
Piercing in your heart like a sharpened knife 
Em            C                  G                   D 
On the floor: wrists cut and your body down  
Em - C - G - D	 
Em   C             G      {sequência com solo}  D 
           One more time, I will take your blood again 
Em                   C            G    D	 
On the windows brands of blood	 
Em                   C                       G    D	 
In your soul a immensity full nightmares 
Em             C               G                 D 
In your mind: confusions, illusions, dread  
Em         C            G   D 
It move itself in the night, like a crazy dog 
Em - C - G - D 1X 
         Em                       C| 
Don?t flee! Don?t flee! Don?t flee!| 
G                     D            | 
Of the torment soul?	           | 2X          
             Em            C       | 
You can fight! Fight! Fight!	   | 
G                         D	   | 
Counter this dirty soul?	   | 
        F                               G 
The spirit carried her at the shadows valley 
      D                                 A 
To do she renounce of her dreams 
    F                             G 
Stayed imprisoned in a mean world 
         F                                  C 
But suddenly I saw her wrists heal 
Em - C - G - D 2X {2X com solo} Em 
                            A spirit in her face... 


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