Red Hot Chili Peppers

Dani california (ver. 2)(Keyboard chords)

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Key: Am

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	        Intro:Am G Dm Am (2x) 
Am                              G 
Getting born in the state of Mississippi 
Papa was a copper 
And mama was a hippie  
In Alabama she would swing a hammer  
Price you gotta pay when you break  the Panorama  
Am                  G 
She never know  that there was 
Dm            Am 
Anything more than poor  
Am                        G 
What in there world does your 
Company take me for 
Am                       G 
Black bandana, sweet Louisiana  
Robbin? a bank in state of Indiana 
Am                        G 
She?s a runner, rebel and a stunner  
Oh her merry way sayin? 
Baby what gonna 
Am                                G 
Looking down the barrel of a  
Hot metal 45 
Am                  G             Dm 
Just another way to survive 

Dm   F               C   Dm 
California rest in piece 
          F            C     Dm 
Simultaneous release 
        F         C                     Dm 
California show me your teeth 
Am             F                     C        Dm 
She?s my priestess, Im your priest 

Am G Dm Am (2x) 
Am                  G 
Shes a lover baby and fighter  
Shoulda  seen it comin? when 
It got little brighter 
Whit a name like Dani California 
The day was gonna mourn ya 
Am            G 
A little loaded she was 
Stealin? another breath 
Am             G            Dm 
I love my baby to death 

Bm G D A Who knew the other side of you Bm G D A Who knew what others died to prove Bm G D A Too true to say good by to you Bm G D Too true to say say say
Am G Push the father, gifted animator Dm Am One for the now and eleven for the lather G Never made it up to Minnesota Dm North Dakota man was a gunnin? Am For the quota G Down in the Badlands Dm Am She was savin? the best for last G Dm It only hurts when I laugh E Gone too fast Chorus F C Dm (9x)

Written by Flea/John Frusciante/Anthony Kiedis/Chad Smith

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