Reckless Kelly

Drink Your Whiskey Down(Keyboard chords)

Reckless Kelly

Key: G

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	        INTRO AND FILL 
It is most important to get the right bass notes for the intro/fill 
thing cause that is what the main riff for the song is. 
When trouble comes knocking 
  D                      G 
Beating down your front door 
When the devil stars stalking, 
D                    G 
One thing holds the cure 

Cadd9 G Drink your whiskey down F C Put sorrow in the ground Cadd9 G Drink your whiskey down F C When no light can be found, Drink your whiskey down
If you?ve had an evil woman Use you and leave you for dead Well don?t hang your head in sorrow Just pick up that bottle instead CHORUS When its cold and those winds are blowing Good times have come and went Life?s dealt you a losing hand child But one thing remains a sure bet CHORUS That?s It. Any questions/comments/requests [email protected] Thanks ZAC

Written by Chris Schelske

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