Reckless Kelly

Black And White(Keyboard chords)

Reckless Kelly

Key: C

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	        This is a good song.  It is in C but they play it in G with a capo on the 5th.   
I really miss the mandolin when I play it.  This song is perfect for a mandolin?? 
Life goes black and silent, 
Like the night that fills the air 
Searching for a reason, 
Like you never had a prayer. 
     C                                   D     
Its funny all those things you took for granted all along, 
And now they?re gone. 

C G But it keeps you, reaching out for things so far away, C G Yeah it keeps you, holding out, holding on, (D/F#) Em C Till? another day comes, till? another day comes
G You gotta live through today All those hopeless questions When your dreams are all but gone The hardest part was knowing That you knew the answers all along Sometimes when you finally see the light, It?s black and white. CHORUS

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