She's Gone(Keyboard chords)


Key: E

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	        (Intro)	E  B  A  B   x 4 
  (High E string-->)-5--4--2--5--4--2--5--4--2--5--4--2--5--4--2--0 
(V1)	E    			B 
	Kitty, kitty, I love you 
	A				  B 
	And you know to you I will be true 
	E					    B 
	I look forward to the times when we can play 
	A  			   B 
	When she bites and claws me 
(V2)	Oh my kitty, she went out to play 
	But that was yesterday 
	She went out to the garden for a while 
	And she never came back 
(CH)	B     E	    B     A     B     E     B     A 
	She's gone  She's gone  She's gone  She's gone 
			 B  E... 
	And I'm all alone 
(V3)	Kitty, kitty 
	For her I fear the worst 
	I dread to think just what could have 
	Happened to her 
(V4)	I've looked all over 
	But nowhere can I find 
	Hide nor hair of that 
	Pussycat of mine 
(V4) 	I'm so lonely (she could've got hit by a car) 
	I'm so lonely (she could've been killed by a dog) 
	I'm so lonely (but then maybe she's just out chasing rats) 
	My pussycat ran away 


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