Rascal Flatts

Oklahoma-Texas Line(Keyboard chords)

Rascal Flatts

Key: G

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	        Intro: G  C (x3)  F-F#-G 
                  G  C                  G   C 
She's got an old dog, it don't like me much 
            G                  C        F    F#       G 
That thing starts to bark his head off every time we touch 
                G   C                   G    C 
Sittin' on the porch, listenin' to the radio 
         G            C 
We sing every single song we know 
  F      F#        G 
Even the ones we don't 
          D                        Em 
When she moves a little closer she puts her hand in mine 
    F                            D 
Oh what I wouldn't give just to stop the hands of time 
G C G C She's got long blonde hair and big blue eyes G C F F# G I got all I ever need when that girl is by my side G C G C Everything I love is there inside F(one strum) F#(one strum) G-F-D-C F-F#-G A little brick house on the Oklahoma-Texas Line
G C G C She's got a part time job, at the Tastee-freeze G C F-F#-G She took the weekend off to spend a little bit of time with me G C G C I got an old car, we drove to the edge of town G C We stopped by Old Man Millers' farm F F# G Just to watch the world spin around D Em And she moves a little closer, she puts her lips to mine F D Ain't it funny how the good Lord out does himself sometimes Chorus F C Bb C G F C Bb C Everything I love is there inside a G Little brick house with a black top drive A big oak tree, names carved in the side Chorus Oh here they come Chorus (repeats with a few ad-lib lyric changes) Use bar chords on these quick progressions: G-F-D-C F-F#-G

Written by Jay DeMarcus / Gary LeVox / Joe Don Rooney

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