Randy Travis

Baptism(Keyboard chords)

Randy Travis

Key: D

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	        D          Bm           G             A 
The summer breeze made ripples on the pond 
D                       Bm            G             A 
And rattled through the reeds and the willow trees beyond 
Bm           A            G            D 
Daddy in his good hat and mama in her Sunday dress 
D                        Bm                 G       A      D 
Watched with pride as I stood there in the water up to my chest 
        C              G                  D 
And the preacher spoke about the cleansing Blood 
G            D              Bm              A 
As I sank my toes into that cool East Texas mud 

          D             Bm 
And it was down will the old man 
G A         D 
Up with the new 
G          D                   Bm        A 
Raised to walk in the ways of light and truth 
Bm               G              D                 G 
I didn't see no angels, just a few saints on the shore 
      D          A        Bm 
And I felt like a new-born baby 
       G         A           D 
Cradled up in the arms of the Lord 


D       Bm     G                A 
Amazing grace, oh how sweet the sound 
         D            Bm             G             A 
There was glory in the air, there was dinner on the ground 
      Bm              A          G               D 
And my sins which were many, were washed away and gone 
D                    Bm          G      A        D 
Along with a buffalo nickel I forgot to leave at home 
        C                  G            D 
But that seemed like such a small, small price to pay 
G               D                  Bm              A 
For the blessed peace of mind that came to me that day 

TO Chorus 

    C                G 
This road is long and dusty, 
              Bm      A        D 
Sometimes the soul, it must be cleansed 
     C                 G              Bm         A 
And I long to feel that water, rushing over me again 

TO Chorus

Written by Mickey Cates

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