Randy Rogers

Lost And Found(Keyboard chords)

Randy Rogers

Key: G

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G   Em  C  D twice 
G               D          
Day after day I tell myself  
    C                              G     D 
You never meant the words that you said 
G                   D 
Night after night I lie here alone 
C                       G    G/F# 
Can't get you out of my head 
       Em             C 
Like a fool I let our love slip away 
    Em                 C          D 
You left me here, what more can I say 
G (walkdown)                 Em  
I missed my chance I lost my turn 
My ship sank I crashed and burned  
Broke you heart and then I let myself down 
G (walkdown)                Em 
I lost the fight I lost the game  
Now there's only me to blame 
If you wonder where I am 
Check the lost and found 
Time after time, I fell short 
Of the man you needed me to be 
And lie after lie, I left you no choice 
Than to pack your clothes and leave 
I've got too much pride to beg you to stay  
So before you go just let me say 


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