Randy Rogers

Down & Out(Keyboard chords)

Randy Rogers

Key: G

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	        Written by the RRB 
Intro: G 

G I?ve been down and I?ve been out F C G Washed up when I thought I would drown G I been down and I?ve been out F C G Never flown so high with both feet on the ground
C I?ve been walking in circles, all my life G Chasing my own tail D I?ve got a penny in my pocket but the rest of my change G Is down at the bottom of the well C Em I?ve got my mind made up, but what I can?t figure out A Is how am I gonna leave my mark D When all I?ve got left is doubt Repeat Chorus C I?ve wasted my time all these years G Just looking for a little bit more D But it?s hard to keep your new shoes clean G When all you?ve got is dirt on the floor C Em And I?ve hit rock bottom with some good friends of mine A D We sat and watched the sun rise but we never saw it shine Repeat chorus G F C x2 Bridge: (written for K.C.) G Em There?s a man on the radio says he?s got it all worked out A He?s got a show on the road but he don?t know D What it?s all about Repeat chorus x2 G

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