Radney Foster

God Knows When(Keyboard chords)

Radney Foster

Key: E

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D               G                 A               G  
The Mississippi moves a whole lot slower than you think 
D            G                   A                 G 
I've been to Memphis and rode it clean down to New Orleans 
D             G                      A                G 
I'd bet a Ben Franklin I've seen the whole world in between 
D          G      A         D  
Ain't seen you in God knows when 
Too much of that bootleg liquor, not near enough champagne 
Too much of that dust bowl love and not near enough Delta rain 
I shed too many tears last I smelled 'em burnin' the cane 
But I ain't held you in God knows when 
G F#m We had a love that we held true A D I don't know how it slipped away G F#m You always had good sense 'bout when to leave F A I wish you knew something 'bout when to stay
Power lines went down in hell 'cause they had an ice storm again The devil he cursed the TVA and now he's headed down south of I-10 You ain't been back so you must have cut some kind of deal with him 'Cause hells froze over since God knows when Chorus The Mississippi moves a whole lot sadder than you think You cry tears in Memphis, they hit bottom south of New Orleans You won't feel redemption 'til they mingle in the warm Gulf Stream And that ain't gonna happen 'til God knows when it ain't gonna happen 'til God knows when I ain't gonna hold you 'til God knows when

Written by Radney Foster

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