Radney Foster

Easier Said Than Done(Keyboard chords)

Radney Foster

Key: B

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          A              E             F#m  
You put together all the pieces of the puzzle  
            D              A           E  
So one more lie would be a waste of my breath  
         A                  E           F#m  
It's too late now for me to start being truthful  
    D          A          D             F#m  
No amount of regret could win back your love  
             D      E         A  
You see it's easier said than done  

E Words can't rebuild A All the trust my lies killed B Resurrect some old feeling D E That's already gone D A You see I can't make I love you E F#m Mean what it used to D E A It's easier said than done
You've got every right girl to hate me For betraying any real love we've known Only a fool could break something so sacred And begging forgiveness won't right the wrong You see it's easier said than done Chorus

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