Pop is dead(Keyboard chords)


Key: A

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A		     G#		 G 
Oh no, pop is dead, long live pop 
			       F#      Bm 
It died an ugly death by back-catalogue 
			      E	    Bm 
And now you know it gets you nowhere 
And now you know, you realize 
Oh no, pop is dead, it just gave up 
We raised the dead but they won't stand up 
And radio has salmonella 
And now you know you're gonna die 
	  G		 A C D E G 
He left this message for us 
So what pop is dead, it's no great loss 
So many facelifts, his face flew off 
The emperor really has no clothes on 
And his skin is peeling off 
Oh no, pop is dead, long live pop, 
One final line of coke to jack him off 
Jack him off 
Contribuição: Sidney Ferreira([email protected]) 


Written by Colin Greenwood/Jonny Greenwood/Ed O'Brien/Phil Selway/Thom Yorke

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