Queens Of The Stone Age

Kalopsia (acoustic)(Keyboard chords)

Queens Of The Stone Age

Key: G#

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G#          G        Cadd9   G# 
I've never lied to myself Tonight. 
G#           G 
Rose tinted eyes 
         Cadd9               G# 
Color my sorrows a shade of white... 

E               Eb 
Oh, why you so sad? 
                A   C 
What have they done?! 
    E                    Eb     
Forget those mindless baboons, They're off 
         A   C 
playing god! 
E                 Eb                    A   C  
Copycats in cheap suits, all playing it safe 
      E                  Eb                  A  C 
While cannibals with bad news consume the parade 

Is it wonderful? 

G#            G 
Far, far from shore 
Bland of nightmares 
Gone forevermore 
    G#            G 
And I... love you more 
     C            G# 
Than I... can control 

Why would I? 

E                Eb 
Oh, why the long face? 
                  A     C 
You've got it all wrong! 
    E                 Eb 
Forget the rat in the race 
                       A   C  
The chump chained them all 
E               Eb 
Fate favors the ones 
             A     C 
Who help themselves 
    E                          Eb 
The rest feel the sting of the lash 
        A        E   
As they run to hell 

E Eb A C

Written by Joshua Homme/Queens of the Stone Age

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