Free(Keyboard chords)


Key: C

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C                         Am                    G 
Don't sleep till sunrise, listen to the falling rain 
C                               Am                 G 
Don't worry 'bout tomorrow, don't worry 'bout your pain 
C                                   Am              G 
Don't cry 'less you're happy, don't smile 'less you're blue 
C                             Am             G 
Never let that lonely monster take control of you. 
F C F C Be Glad that you are Free, Free to change your mind F C G Free to go most anywhere, anytime F C F C Be glad that you are free, there's many-a-man who's not F C G Be glad for what you have, baby, what you got F Be glad for what you got
C Am G - gets you back to the verse The other bit is F C G Soldiers are fighting, they're writing brand new laws F C G Will we all fight together for the most important cause? F G We will fight, for the right Back to the Chorus etc
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