Overflowing(Keyboard chords)


Key: F

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	        Intro F  Em  F 
        F  Em  F 

F                     Em         F 
From the banks to the air we're flowing 
F             Em      F 
River that is you and me 
F              Em      F 
Always ripping up and sowing 
F            Em          F 
Aching heart, head splitting 

( F  Em  F ) 

F                    Em           F 
It'd be nice to know where we're going 
F                    Em       F  C 
Always quick to pull out the towline 
F              Em        F 
In a boat with only one rowing 
F               Em      F   C     Dm  C   Bb 
At least use me as a springboard  to dive off 

Am                Em        F 
You think this is easy to stop 
Am              Em         Fm  F 
We trained our whole lives for it 

F                  Em    F 
I love to see your jaw drop 
F              Em          F  C 
Where are the tracks you started 
F                     Em  F 
The crash that was calamity 
F              Em     F  C   Dm  Em   
But we enjoyed every minute of  it 

( Bb ) 

                   Am    Bb 
Any time that you wanna die 
                   Am    Bb 
Any time that you wanna stop 
                    Am     Bb 
No ones keeping you here again 
             Am     Bb   C 
Got a lot to answer for 

              Dm      Bb  C 
Is it dragging you down 
        Dm           Bb     C 
Spinning you 'round like a head 
             Dm     Bb  C 
Are you changing ship 
             Dm  Bb     Am 
Are we standing here forever 
Wishing I was with you 
  F          Em  F   

( F  Em  F  Gm ) 

F           Em     F 
When superstition roars 
F         Em       F  C 
We all become the hunted 
F              Em    F 
And I’ve saved me before 
F                  Em        F  C  Dm  C    
I'm lost among the rows of crosses 

( Bb ) 

                 Am      Bb 
And the details getting lost 
                  Am   Bb 
Make it up as you go alone 
       Am    Bb 
Will I ever come 
                Am      Bb  C 
Why you always thinking war 

         Dm     Bb   C 
I've let you down 
          Dm        Bb  C 
Square peg in a round  hole 
          Dm      Bb   C 
Still you listen on 
                 Dm     Bb  Am 
Bring the whole world down 
Anywhere with you is 
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