Cheap Motel(Keyboard chords)


Key: A#

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(A) A stark naked (E) light bulb in a (D) room with no view 
This (A) coffee tastes (E) bitter this (D) whiskey tastes new 
I (A) lied when I (E) told you that my (D) dreams all came true 

And it's a (A) helluva a (E) ride Leaves me (A) empty (D) inside And livin'(A) in (E) cheap motel (A) rooms
Another big city one more face with no name And it's miles to the edge of the bed where I lay The cracks in the ceiling spell out all my shame Chorus Bridge Oh I (E) sit here and count every (D) mile that I've (A) crawled And every (E) mistake that I've (D) made While the (A) flowers (E) fade off the (D) wall But how do I start to stop a wheel that's on fire When I can't even tell from the words of a liar I'm tryin' to come down but I keep gettin' higher Chorus x 2

Written by Michael Reynolds

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