Pink Floyd

See Emily Play(Keyboard chords)

Pink Floyd

Key: Am

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	        Intro: Am 
 G                   D         Am 
   Emily tries, but misunderstands, 
she´s often inclined to borrow 
 Am                       G 
somebody´s dream ´till tomorrow 
There is no other day, 
D                 E 
   let´s try it another way 
D                    E 
   you´ll lose your mind and play, 
D        A7                       G 
   free games of May, see Emily play 
Solo de organo: Am 
Soon after dark, Emily cries, 
she´sgazing at trees in sorrow 
hardly a sound ´till tomorrow 
Put on a gown that touches the ground, 
float ona river for ever and ever 
Emily, Emily 
There is no no other day... 
...see Emily play 


Written by Syd Barrett

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