Phil Vassar

Gone By Dawn(Keyboard chords)

Phil Vassar

Key: F

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	        Play F, and C as barr chords for album recording. 
F                               Bb         C 
So much for finishing what we started 
F                                       Bb      C 
But don't take it personal if i'm not broken hearted 
F               C 
I've had enough, I'll sleep you off 
Bb            C       
Your memory ain't so tough 
F                               C 
Right now i'm hurtin' but one things for certain you'll be 

F C Gone by dawn, out of my way Bb C Out of my heart, out of my face and F C Into my past, out of my hair Bb C Off of my mind into thin air Bb F Eb, Bb (SEE BELOW) And I might just drive all night long C But you'll be gone by dawn
(verse) Who cares if this means starting over Tonight I swear i'm gonna shrug you off my shoulder We made mistakes, hey thats the breaks But now for heaven's sakes Now don't you worry bout, i'll be fine and you'll be (to chorus) (bridge) F I'll be out of my missery Bb You'll be ancient history C F And i'll be on my feet again C Bb C Yeah i'll be on my feet again F C Don't you worry bout me i'll be fine and you'll be (to chorus) THE ending chorus chords ARE PLAYED LIKE THIS

Written by Robert Byrne/Phil Vassar

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