Petit Biscuit

Wake Up(Keyboard chords)

Petit Biscuit

Key: Bm

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	        Intro: D  G  D  Bm 
        D  Bm  D  Bm 

 D               G 
Feels like they come and go 
     Bm           D 
You know Im here to stay 
              Bm         Bm         D 
Life to live but I just wanna push away 
             Em             Bm               D 
What if you said the words you really meant to say 
Thats wishful thinking 

( D  G  D  Bm ) 
( D  G  D  G ) 
( D  G  D  G ) 
( D  G  D  Bm )

Written by Adio Marchant, Joshua Karpeh, Medhi Benjelloun, Mehdi Benjelloun

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