Paul Williams

Somebody Super Like You(Keyboard chords)

Paul Williams

Key: Am

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We need a man that is simple perfection 
 G       F 
There's nothing that's harder to find 
G Am 
  Someone to lead us protect us and feed us 
 G   F 
And help us to make up our minds 
Bbm                     Gb 
We need a man that's sophisticated 
 Ebm                      Bbm 
Quiet and strong and well educated 
  B            Em 
Where to go ? What to do ? 
                     F         G    Am 
Could it be somebody    super like you ? 

We pledge allegiance to his 
gracefulness and charming manners 
Ab                     C 
  With a voice that's both sides choice 
        G                           Bb 
He'll bring us to our knees in admiration 
                       F                Ab 
He is king of all who see and hear his perfect pitch that most surprises. 
When his time is come a stallion rises

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