Paul Brandt

On The Inside(Keyboard chords)

Paul Brandt

Key: C

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        C                       F 
I was watchin' the crowd as you walked through the door 
    C                       F 
How easy you captured their eyes 
       C                        F 
And it wasn't your dress and it wasn't my drink 
    Bb                  G 
You lit up the room with your smile 
     C                      F                    
When you sat down beside me I felt like a king 
 Am        G        F 
Completely taken by you 
          C               F 
And I was sorry for every man in this world 
    Bb                    G 
Who doesn't know you like I do 
      F            C            G             C 
Oh, I love how you move and the way your hair flows 
    F              C        G  
But there's so much more I want you to know 
  Am           G          Em            F 
I love how it feels when I look in your eyes 
          Dm              Em      F 
'Cause you're even more beauti----ful on the inside             
       C                              F     
You've stayed by my side through some very hard times 
           C                        F 
And you've always been faithful and true 
          C                     F 
You're a picture of grace under pressure 
       Bb                    G 
Honey, nobody cares like you do 

Written by Brett Jones

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