Patty Loveless

You Can Feel Bad(Keyboard chords)

Patty Loveless

Key: D

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	        By Patty Loveless 
Intro chords: 
D  A   Bm  G 
D  A   Bm   
Mmm-mmm    Mmmm-mm-mmm 
    A                       D 
The car is runnin' and your bags are packed 
G                    D 
I guess that says it all  
A                            D  
Your head is hangin' and you look real sad 
G                   D  
Maybe you should've called 
G                            A 
You say you think you need a brand-new start 
G                            A 
You're really sorry that you broke my heart 
      Em             Bm      G          A 
Well, I'm not really fallin' apart, but baby 
D                      A   
You can feel bad if it makes you feel better 
Bm                        G    
Picture me cryin' reading all your love letters 
D                 A 
Walkin' around in your old sweaters, baby 
Em           Bm        G              D  
You can feel bad if it makes you feel better 
A                          D 
Maybe I'll go out tonight, yeah, I'll paint the town 
    G                   D 
And maybe I'll run into you, while I'm runnin' 'round 
G                          A 
There's a good chance I'll be alone 
   G               A       
An even better one that you won't 
    Em             Bm     G           A 
And when it's time for me to go home, baby 
Yeah, take another look at these tears I'm crying 
            G                                  D 
They're not fallin' on your shoulders, they're fallin' on mine 
      Em            F#m           G           
Yeah, Ive seen this comin' for a long, long time 
Now, I'll be just fine 
If it makes you feel something  
If it makes you feel better

Written by Matraca Berg/Tim Krekel

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