Pat Green

The Bottle(Keyboard chords)

Pat Green

Key: C

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Now women and whiskey, they ain't the answer 
Lord, I just know that this is true 
                      C                          F 
But the way that I'm feeling, I just might be thinking 
         C                G            C 
Lord tonight, they just might have to do 
I've spent a lot of long and lonely nights in honky tonk taverns 
      C                                               G 
I was two fisted drinking, fighting back against the wall 
                    C                    F 
And I know it's a problem, a now-win situation 
              C       G                      C 
But I can't seem to resist that old whiskey bar 

F C So pour me a drink, why don't you give me the bottle Am C G Sit me down in the corner, until we're two sheets gone F C And don't tell me no stories about a good hearted woman G C I want to hear Your Cheatin' Heart and cry all night long
C Now me and my buddies, we got a lot in common G Take us back to the good lod days, hard work and cowboy ways C F Take us to a swingin' door saloon, this is what I'm gonna say Chorus 2x

Written by Pat Green

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