Owen Temple

When I Hit San Antone(Keyboard chords)

Owen Temple

Key: C

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C                    G                    Am               F 
This old skyline takes me back to another time 
C                                           G 
Years ago in San Antonio I was yours and you were mine 
C                       G                     Am            F 
It's been a while I hope you doing well 
C                                       G 
I'm doing fine as far as I can tell 
I recall a Sunday by the Riverwalk  
You and me just walkin around 
Music filled the evening air on the streets of old downtown 
We guessed about the days to come 
The laughter and the tears 
Since that time so much has changed 
I haven't heard from you in years 

Am G When I'm passin through Am G I always think of you F C Am Are you with someone are you all alone G F I think of you when I hit San Antone
Sometimes Lord you can't help But think what might have been Would we do it all over just to do it all again Sittin by that fountain is a sweet memory When you pass by that fountain do you ever think of me CHORUS Em F C By the bank of the river I held your hand Em F C There was a distance even then that I couldn't understand Em F C I loved you more than I'd ever loved before G F I loved you though you said I can't see you any more CHORUS G F Yeah I think of you when I hit San Antone

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