Neal McCoy

The City Put The Country Back In Me(Keyboard chords)

Neal McCoy

Key: D

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I was born dirt poor on a dead end country road. 
My every dream was to just grow up and go. 
       D                                      G 
Like a siren song those bright lights call my name. 
     D                   A                D 
So I turned that country road into memory lane. 
Well I hit that fast lane it was paved with gold. 
But it wasnt long till my highbrow ways got old. 
          D                                      G 
I started missin things that I thought I left behind. 
       D                 A                    D 
Till I found two swingin doors beneath a neon sign. 

A They were wirlin and a twirlin to the fiddle's D and the steel guitars. A Them city folk was drinkin from mason jars. D G I think I found what paradise might be. D A D The city put the country back in me.
Steel guitar and guitar Solo. D When you leave this farm, You don't have to clean your wounds. A Just go on home and slip off them cowboy boots. D G Now it's the best of both worlds all I'll ever need. D A D The city put the country back in me. Sing Chorus D A D Yeah the city put the country back in me.

Written by Mike Geiger/Woody Mullis

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