Nathan Stanton

Come And Heal Our Land(Keyboard chords)

Nathan Stanton

Key: D

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D  ?  F  ?  |  G  ?  Bb  ?  | 
Verse 1: 
D     F          G    Bb            D 
  We long for revival here in this land, 
F          G            Bb 
May You command all the nations. 
D     F             G         Bb           D 
  But first in Your Word, You say ?bow the knee; 
    F         G           Bb 
Be humble and see transformation?. 
D      F             G               Bb          D 
  You say ?turn and pray, and You?ll hear from above, 
F           G              Bb 
Pouring out love, changing our hearts. 
D       F         G           Bb           D 
  Teach us how to pray and to walk in Your ways, 
         F            G              Bb       A7sus   A/C# 
And Your name we will raise with our praises. 
D C/E F Gsus G Jesus come and heal our land! D Fmaj7 Bbmaj7 A7sus A/C# May rivers of mercy flow from Your pierced hands. D C/E F Gsus G We believe this is the day, D Fmaj7 Bbmaj7 A7sus A/C# Lord let Your Spirit rain on us we pray
Verse 2: D F G Bb D Your Living Word, it reveals Your face; F G Bb Given by grace not by our choice. D F G Bb D Will You plant in us, such a passion to learn; F G Bb A hunger and yearn for Your great voice. D F G Bb D In You we?re redeemed; we're made holy and pure; F G Bb Made white as snow through Your blood. D F G Bb D We ask for Your strength as we turn from our sin, F G Bb A7sus A/C# Entering into Your Temple. Begraced Music, 2005. All rights reserved. International copyright secured. ******* You found it at E-Chords Submitted By: David Campbell Ontario Canada

Written by Nathan Stanton

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