Natalie Merchant

Bury Me Under The Weeping Willow Tree(Keyboard chords)

Natalie Merchant

Key: D

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  	 Key of D 	  	  	 Key of F 
Well, my heart is sad 
And I am lonesome 
C                  G 
For the only one I love 
           C               F 
When shall we meet?     Oh no no never 
C               G                     C 
Till we meet in heaven above  
Chorus followed by Instrumental 
     C          F 
So bury me underneath the willow 
C                        G 
Under the weeping willow tree 
C                           F     
So that she may know       where I am sleeping 
C    G              C 
And perhaps she?ll weep for me 
Well, she told me that 
She dearly loved me 
C              G 
Oh my lord how can it be? 
C                                 F 
Until the angels           softly whispered, 
C         G               C 
?she will prove untrue to you?  
Chorus followed by Instrumental 
Tomorrow was to be 
Our wedding day 
C                            G 
But oh my god               Where can she be?  
C              F 
She?s out a courting with another 
C      G                C 
And no longer cares for me 
Chorus followed by Instrumental 
Chorus and End

Written by A.P. Carter/Mother Maybelle Carter/Sara Carter

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