Montgomery Gentry

Lie Before You Leave(Keyboard chords)

Montgomery Gentry

Key: F

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	        (Remeber Chords are all Relative to Capo) 
Intro: F#m  E  D  F#m  E  D 
Verse 1: 
E           F#m E                 D  
I know it's over I won't hide from that 
A                                  E            A 
Once that door closes you won't be coming back 
E             D             A      E 
I've only one favor left to ask of you 
B                           D     C# 
If your heart's not hurting too 

F#m E D Lie before you leave and tell me we were something F#m E D Say that leaving me will be your great regret Bm Say it sweet enough that one day C# It'll feel like it was love that we made D Do this thing for me E Set my mind at ease F#m E D Lie before you leave
Verse 2: E F#m E D I never doubted you made me believe A E A That deep down inside you really cared for me E D A E But if that was just some kind of spell you weaved that's fine B D C# As long as you work that magic one more time Repeat Chorus Instrumental (Starts Right after 2nd chorus): D F#m D Bm C# Repeat Chorus F#m E D Lie before you leave Outro: F#m E D (Repeat Until Fade)

Written by Rivers Rutherford/Tom Shapiro

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