Moe Bandy

Rodeo Romeo(Keyboard chords)

Moe Bandy

Key: C

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	        By Moe Bandy 
      C                                          F 
He?ll dust off his hat, clean out his old pickup truck 
G                                               C   
He?s goin? playin when he should be prayin? for luck 
        C                                              F   Dm7  Dm 
Cause tomorrow he?s riding the meanest bull he?ll ever see 
      G                                     F           G             C   
But tonight he?ll forget all about it, He?s headin? for some cowgirls dream 

F C He?s a rodeo romeo, cowgirls and bulls are his life F D G He loves what he does and he does what he love every night C F Dm7 Dm He?ll hit the dancehalls flashin? the girls his best smile G F G C He?s burnin? both ends of the candle, Rodeo Romeo style
He don?t even care that while he?s out lovin? all night The bulls will be savin? their strength for that 8 second ride The white lace and whiskey, they?ll have him feelin? half dead And even though the odds are against him, he?ll come a winner instead Chorus

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