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Talking Footy Theme Song(Keyboard chords)

Miscellaneous / Australiana

Key: G

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	        Theme For The Popular AFL Show Talking Footy 
I thought I would tab this because I figured it out on my acustic one night.  
This is my first tab, so bear with me, This sounds right on my acoustic, although 
you may need to change the lyrics to correspond with the day that talking footy 
is currentley being shown. Enjoy 
G                   D 
Weekend's Come And Gone 
       C               G 
And We'll Talk Up A Storm 
  G                         D              C 
Bout' Our Team, Bout' Our Form And How It Could Be 
 G                    D 
When Tuesday Comes Around 
C                           G 
We'll Be The Talk Around The Town 
         G                     D             C 
Bou't What Happens Cross The Nation In The Footy 
  G         D             C            G  
Tuesday Nights - Wer'e Talking Footy  
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