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The Addams Family Musical - Happysad(Keyboard chords)

Misc Soundtrack

Key: D
Verse: 1 
D                F#m           D                Dm 
Right and wrong, who's to say which we should refuse 
F#m                                       G 
All we know, love survives either way we choose 
Em       G   A            Bm 
Here you are at the edge, go ahead and fall 
Don't resist, I insist 
A                  D 
Love still conquers all 

(Gomez) It even conquered you, my little Attila 
You're growing up 

(Wednesday) And you're cool with that? 

(Gomez) Yes, and no 

Verse: 2 
D                              Bm 
I'm feeling happy, I'm feeling sad 
D                           Bm 
A little childish, a little Dad 
D          G 
I think of all the days you've known 
F#                   Bm 
All the ways you've grown 
Em      Bm               G 
See you on your own, and then 
            D         A   D 
I'm feeling happy and sad again 

Verse: 3 
D                                Bm 
I think I'm rested, but then I'm tired 
         D                Bm 
Today requested, tomorrow fired 
          G           Em7 
And now a boy says he adores 
F#                Bm 
She who once was yours 
Em        Bm          Gm 
How can I ignore such news? 
D           A      D 
I'm sad and happy, why should I choose? 

Verse: 4 
Bm      A       G     D         Bm    F#m   G 
Life is full of contradictions, every inch a mile 
E              F#       Bm     Em 
And the moment we start weeping 
Em          Bm        A 
That's when we should smile 

Verse 5 
D     E  D 
In every Heaven, you'll find some Hell 

And there's a welcome in each farewell 
            G                 F#m 
Life can be harsh, the future strict 
F#               Bm 
Oh, what they'll predict 
Em      G#m                    G 
And the boy you've picked, not bad 

So let's be happy 
Forever happy 
A#         Bm   D 
Completely happy 
And a tiny bit 

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