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Veggietales - Think Of Me(Keyboard chords)

Misc Cartoons

Key: G

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	        G                      C 
Think of me every day 
G                        C 
Hold tight to what I say 
G                   Em 
And I'll be close to you 
Even from far away 
G                   C                         G 
Know that wherever you are 
C                        G 
It is never too far 
If you think of me 
D                 G 
I'll be with you, 

G                C 
Think of God's love for you 
G                     C 
His word is good and true 
G                   Em 
No matter where you go 
He will take care of you, 
G                            C 
Sleep now and close your eyes 
G               C 
Soft as a lullaby 
G                   Em 
Soon you'll wake up, and the 
D                   G 
Day will be new.

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