Mike McClure

Wicked Games Of Hearts(Keyboard chords)

Mike McClure

Key: E

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	        E          A 
At the end of the day 
         B         E 
It don't matter anyway 
E            A             B        
Whatever you might want to give me 
      E         A 
I can take your love 
      B         C#m 
I can take your anger 
And like a curve 
      B            E 
I can bend it back straight. 

F#m Cuz you cannot believe E What I would do for you F#m And you cannot conceive E How far I'd go F#m To the ends of everything E Just to find your smile again F#m Yeah it's a wicked game of hearts E And I'm afraid to win
Now I can be as free as a west Texas breeze but what good would that ever do me I could blow around the world till I found you again and I'd wind up on my knees Chorus

Written by Mike Mcclure

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