Mike McClure

Outlaw's Prayer(Keyboard chords)

Mike McClure

Key: C#m

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	        Use the same chord progression in the chorus that is in the verses. 
I recently saw Mike in concert, and this is how he played the song. 
Federales on the border 
With a wanted poster sign 
Jesse?s picture on it 
G#                   C#m 
He?s running out of time 
Shot a boy in San Diego  
As he reached down for his gun 
Thought he?d be a hero 
G#                            C#m 
Well I?m real sorry about that son 
But you ain?t the first to try and die 
Since Jesse jumped his bail 
Had a thousand federales waitin? 
G#                        C#m 
And hell hounds on his trail 
When he said Father please forgive me 
For the evil that I do 
If you get me safe to Mexico 
I swear to you I'm through 
And if redemption comes in a blaze of bullets 
I guess that'd be fair 
I ain't afraid of dying 
I just hope you hear this outlaw's prayer 
Well he crossed the rio grande river 
Where the water was runnin' low 
He heard a federale cry out 
Jesse's down below 
As he rode out the other side 
Blinded by the night 
A bullet knocked him from his horse 
And he crawled outta sight 
And as he lay there tremblin' 
His blood spillin' down his shirt 
He prayed to God Almighty 
Layin' face down in the dirt 
Well he woke up in a mission 
Layin' on a padre's bed 
The federales are long gone 
I told 'em that you were dead 
I buried you this morning 
I put your guns in the ground 
I don't lie without a reason Jesse 
You best turn your life around 
Why this cup passed from your lips son 
Heaven only knows 
Jesse said the only answer 
God was listenin' I suppose 
Further note:  In the song, after McClure sings the last line of the chorus he 
plays a C#m and then hits each following chord really quick and grinds on the G#

Written by Mike McClure

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