Mike McClure

Lay Your Head Down(Keyboard chords)

Mike McClure

Key: G

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	        G       Em 
Now you were my shining light 
             C               G 
When there wasn't much light to be found 
G                  Em 
Yeah the darkness had covered me 
    C            D 
And emptiness was about 
G        Em 
You had such a smile on you 
   C                G 
It brightened up my day 
G                Em 
And I would walk to the ends of this earth 
C             G 
Just to hear you say 
C G Say that it's alright C G Lay your head down on me C G Close your eyes babe C G And set yourself free C G I bet you're tired C G Of being so alone C G Open your heart babe C G Let my love take you home
Now I was a driftin' Out in the night You were called to me With your shining light The waves of yesterday Well you made them all lie down And you pulled me into you So I wouldn't drown (Chorus) Em C G You are my shining light in the darkness Em C G D You are my hope at the end of the day Em C G You are my everything I must confess C D And now baby just let me hear you say (Chorus)

Written by Mike McClure

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