Micky & The Motocars

Other Side Of Town(Keyboard chords)

Micky & The Motocars

Key: D

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Bm  F#  G  
D                  A  
She loved a party she loved a crowd  
Bm      F#            G  
Now she wants nobody around  
D                      A  
Started out small time with a couple of friends  
Bm             F#                   G  
We know how it starts here?s how it ends  
A                     Bm  
She?s skippin classes nowadays she steals  
G                   F#m  
Giving it all for all she can feel  

Bm F# G She?s going down to the other side of town D A G I wonder how she ever got that far
D A She spent seven days in the dark all alone Bm F# G Drawing the shades ignoring the phone D A Yeah she used to get out now she just hides Bm F# G She?s jumped the train now she?s locked inside PRE-CHORUS CHORUS SOLO A Em C A BRIDGE D A Her family has questions the answers they?ll find Bm F# G It?s easy to trace from the tracks she?s left behind CHORUS Yeah, I wonder how the girl ever fell so hard

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