Michelle Poe

One Of The Boys(Keyboard chords)

Michelle Poe

Key: G

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	        Tabbed By Larry Mofle 
[email protected] 
I?ve got ripped up jeans and raw hide boots 
Stiletto heels and a thousands moods 
       G                                       D 
I?m at home in my pickup somebody's stretch limo 
In the southern sun I've been know to faint 
But don't underestimate my strength 
       D                                G  
If I'm backed in a corner I can hold my own 
     C                         G 
On a Sunday drive I'm a NASCAR race 
             C                                       D   
And when the sun goes down that's when I pick up the pace 

G C D I like livin' it up and letting my hair down G C D A little tequila gets me unwound G C D C G I like to party and make a lot of noise just like one of the boys
I need my space but I'm cool in a crowd I like listenin' to Mozart rockin' it out Just gimme a camp fire and I'll be the last to go home I love begin' in love but I just can't commit Like keepin' it simple but I must admit On the buckin' bronco of life even I have been thrown I love kittens and paintin' my toes But when the sun goes down what I like most Chorus Bridge: C C/B Am Am/G Sugar and spice and soft as a lamb C C/B Am Am/G Snake and snails and tuff as a man C C/B Am D And I like who I am Chorus There's a lot more to me than perfume and poise I'm just one of the boys

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