Michael Peterson

For A Song(Keyboard chords)

Michael Peterson

Key: C

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Intro: (D7sus)  (D)  (C/D)  (D)  (G/B)  
(C) She learned to (G/B) hate the (Am7) limousine 
(C) The fancy (Bm7) full-length (A7) fur 
(C) Dom Perig(D)non (G) and (D/F#) French cui(Em)sine (D) 
(C) Don?t mean a (A7) thing to (D) her (G/B) (C) 
What good (D)is her (G) pedes(D/F#)tal (Em)  
(D) When he (Cmaj7) works all though the (D) night 
So in (C) time, she (Bm7) found a (Am7) dance floor 
And some (D) arms to hold her (G) tight 
  (N.C.) Now every night they (Gmaj7) dance with her 
  To some brushes on a drum (G) (D/F#) (Em) 
  A (D7) standup bass, and steel guitars, play a tune, she can (Gmaj7) hum (G6) 
  Ain?t it (G) sad, ain?t it (G7) funny, how a (C) man can be (G/B) so (Am7) wrong 
  He (G/B) tried to (C) buy her (Bm7) love with (Am7) money 
  He could?ve (Dsus) had her (D) for a (G) song 
She wanted him...but what a shame 
He didn?t realize 
Love can never stay the same 
It either grows or dies 
What made him think his duty was to place her high above 
He married her for beauty, she married him for love 
Repeat Chorus

Written by DeWayne Blackwell

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