Michael Martin Murphy

Let the Cowboy Dance(Keyboard chords)

Michael Martin Murphy

Key: E

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	        E                                      B7 
1.  He ain't been right, since she's been gone 
He's been known to tie one on 
Glass could break and chairs could fly 
We best keep him occupied 

E B7 Let the cowboy dance, let him dance all night E Maybe he won't fuss, maybe he won't fight B7 It's our only hope, it's our only chance E Clear the floor boys, and let the cowboy dance
E B7 2. Let him kick up his heels, or he'll kick down the doors E Give him lots of room, when he hits the floor B7 If he asks to dance with your wife E Let her go boys, and save your life Repeat chorus Instrumental break (Change to key of F) F C7 3. Music calms the savage beast F He's a big old boy, at the very least C7 He'll get over her someday F Until then, stay outta his way Repeat chorus (in F) C7 F (Tag) Clear the floor boys, and let the cowboy dance

Written by Don Cook/Michael Martin Murphey/Chick Raines

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