Matt Rosen

Rock Through the Ages(Keyboard chords)

Matt Rosen

Key: A

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	        A G D 
A G A G A G D D x 4 
A G D A x 2 
A       G          D         A 
I'm  a kid but not for long, 
I'm a kid but not anymore, 
Don't wanna grow up to be no bore, 
Cause I'm a rocker now that's for sure. 
F G A I'll stay as I am, Stick it to the man, I'll be who I want, C D And I'll stay like that.
A G D A x 2 Verse Now I'm a teen, hanging out, I'm a teen a rock devout, Can't live without music in my soul, Be like this till I'm way old.
A G D A A G D A G D A uh-oh uh-oh
A C D A C E D Life's moving way too fast, staying still's a really hard task, A C D F G A Life's moving way too slow, guess I'll have to grow, I've made a few mistakes, guess I'll have to put on the brakes, Gotta change my ways, go back to those days. Verse But now I guess I'm 64, Can't live like this for much more, An accountant trying to find, How I managed to change my mind. Chorus A C D A C D A C D F G A Or will I ? Or will I ? Or will I?
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