Matt Redman

Facedown(Keyboard chords)

Matt Redman

Key: A#

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NOTE:  The 1st verse gets repeated.  The 2nd doesn't.    
Dm Am             A E  
Welcomed in to the courts of the king 
          Fmaj7 Cmaj7      G2(C2)  
I've been ushered into Your presnce 
Dm(Am)           A(E)          
Lord, I stand on Your merciful ground 
Fmaj7 (Cmaj7)                 G2(C2)2nd time: Bbmaj9(Fmaj9)   
Yet with every step tred with reverence 
F(C)          Bbmaj9 (Fmaj9) 
And I'll fall facedown 
      Dm(Am)  Dm/C(Am/G)  
As Your glory shiens around  
F C          Bbmaj9 Fmaj9 
And I'll fall facedown  
      Dm Am  Dm/C Am/G  
As Your glory shines around 
There is none in the heavens like you 
And upon earth who's Your equal?    
You are far above, You're the highest of heights 
I am bowing down to exalt you  
REPEAT Chorus 
Bbmaj9(Fmaj9)       Fmaj7/9/C(Cmaj7/9/G) 
Let Your glory shine around 
Let Your glory shine around 
Bbmaj9 (Fmaj9)         Fmaj7/9/C(Cmaj7/9/G)3rd Rpt: Bbmaj9(Fmaj9)   
King of glory here be found, king of glory (REPEAT 3x) 
REPEAT Chorus    


Written by Beth Redman/Matt Redman

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