Matt Redman

Better is one day (ver. 2)(Keyboard chords)

Matt Redman

Key: G

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	        G5                                        Csus2              Dsus4   
how love - ly  is your dwell - ing place  'o lord al-might' - 'y for' 
G5                                    Dsus4       G5                                Csus2               Dsus4        
'my soul longs and e -ven faints for' 'you  for' 'here my heart is sat - is - fied'   'with-in your pres' - 'ence  I' 
G5                                    Dsus4                                     
'sing be -neth the shad - ow of your' 'wings------------           
Csus2                                            Dsus4                          
'bet-ter is one day in your courts, bet-ter is'  'one day in your house bet-ter is' 
Csus2                                                          Dsus4                               Em7                                D       Csus2                         Dsus4 
'one day in your courts than thou-sands'   'else-where_______'        'my hert and flesh cry'  'out'    'for you the liv - ing'    'God.__'' 
Em7                                      Csus2                             Dsus4                                          D 
'your spir_it's water to my '  'soul____________                       ' i,ve  tast-ed and i,ve'  'seen,'      
Csus2                                     Am7                                       Dsus4                                                                                          
come once a-gain to me - '    i will draw near    to   you _____________  to you___________ 
Dsus4       Csus2                                 Dsus4                                       Csus2 
bet - ter '   'one    day,  bet - ter  is'     'one  day____    bet - ter  is'      'one    day.____ than  thou - sands' 
Dsus4                                      ..Coda.. 
'else - where    bet - ter is '         Dsus4                                                  Csus2 
                                                     else - where. ________________      > ^^ >   play to the end song.... 


Written by Matt Redman

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