Martina McBride

Cry on the Shoulder of the Road(Keyboard chords)

Martina McBride

Key: A

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	        A                            C#m 
I'm  rolling out of  Bakersfield 
F#m                    D 
My own private hell on  wheels 
        A             D                          A        E 
But this time   I'm  gone for  good 
 A                                         C#m 
And I've never gone this far  before 
F#m                                            D 
Beyond the slamming of the back screen  door 
        A                                 D                A            
But you never love me    like you should 
E A And there ain't no telling what I'll find D A But I might as well move down the line D A E There's no comfort here in your zip code F#m E A I'd rather break down on the highway Bm C#m D With no one to share my load E A And cry on the shoulder of the road
A C#m It makes me feel a little low F#m D Steel guitar on the radio A D A E And it's kinda scary the way these truckers fly A C#m So this is how leaving feels F#m D Drinking coffee and making deals A D A With the One above to get me through the night Chorus 2 times E A Cry on the shoulder of the road

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